Educational, inspirational and practical tools for creating healing and honoring the passage of our loved ones.

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Crossings' Resource Guide: A step-by-step how to guide for home funeral care

Crossings has created an invaluable resource guide comprised of educational, inspirational, and practical tools for honoring the passage of our loved ones from this world to the next. Information includes procedural aspects of dealing with our dead, both legally and physically. This resource guide can be used to plan arrangements for the time of your own crossing.

It is our mission to educate about choices in funeral care to the extent that one day, everyone will know that they have the option to exercise their right to act as their own funeral director for a departed loved one. To that end, we wish to make this information available for free, and have made it available here as a downloadable pdf. If you are in a position and wish to make a donation to our work in support of our free resource guides, you may do so here.

A hard copy of the resource guide is available for $25 through Lulu, a self-publishing website. The sales of the resource guide help support our work.

Alison's Gift

This is the heartfelt story of 7 year old Alison's sudden passing and the founding of Crossings. It answers the "why" of home funeral care and serves as a beacon for all who desire more in an experience that is often bereft of meaning. This story shows that unimaginable loss can be survived, and more, that it can be a tool itself for healing when the soul of a loved one returns to life in Spirit.

The cost of the book is $21.00, including shipping

Living into Dying

A journal of Spiritual, Practical Deathcare for Family and Community by Nancy Jewel Poer.
Every aspect of caring for the dead and dying is covered in this comprehensive book, from "Building a casket" to "Connecting with those who have died."

The book is available for $23.00 , including shipping


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A Family Undertaking

by Elizabeth Westrate
Documentary Film in VHS format

Click here for a special discount link. This provocative documentary explores the complex psychological, cultural, legal, and financial issues surrounding an important and growing trend: the home funeral movement. It profiles several families who have made the decision to forego the typical mortuary funeral and instead care for their loved ones at home. This video challenges viewers to re-examine their own attitudes toward life's only inevitability: death.


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